These Warriors Give Us Purpose. We Give Back By Providing Them A Place To Heal With Camaraderie And Understanding - Nature Heals. Check out some of our past events:

The “Duck House” and “Ranger Base Darby” are used for serving great Americans during the Arkansas hunting and fishing seasons. Today, groups of Soldiers – from all services in the Special Operations community – are our guests for a weekend. 

The vast majority of those we host are veterans of numerous combat deployments (5-16+). More importantly, they have the physical and emotional scars of years of combat experience. While some of our guests have been physically wounded, we fully recognize the invisible wounds they have all endured in sustained combat since 2001.


Donations to Darby’s Warrior Support go towards providing the food, transportation, all required equipment and supplies and other miscellaneous hunting lodge expenses and land development costs. DWS is committed to giving everything we can back to our Soldiers, and we have been able to sustain a program over the years that covers all Soldier expenses other than a hunting or fishing license (less than $135). We are transparent and professional in all that we say and do. The DWS business model for long-term sustainment is built on volunteers – with only 2 full time employees (Operations and Admin Managers) The generosity of our many donors and sponsors has enabled us to serve those who have and continue to bravely serve. Only through your continued support will we be able to sustain this effort.

From the pictures in the gallery you can see that we offer a unique and very powerful way for these soldiers to enjoy fellowship and the sport of waterfowl hunting.

Youth Hunting Opportunities

We fully understand the sacrifice required of our Military families as training events, deployments and duty station moves begin to mount over the years. Capitalizing on youth-only designated seasons and allocating other weekends throughout the year, our Youth Hunting program is designed to offer an unforgettable weekend in the woods or on the water for a Soldier and his son or daughter.

Experienced or novice hunters (parent or child) are welcome to join us for a deer hunt or a duck and deer combo hunt. Our guests spend the first morning on the shooting range and then head to the woods to hunt. Sitting beside your child watching the woods come alive, harvesting an animal, or just watching nature’s show offers an opportunity to reconnect at a meaningful level. The memories are priceless and offer all something to hold onto when the Soldier is inevitably called away again.

Stay tuned as we look to add trout fishing opportunities to our menu, since Arkansas boasts of some of the best trout fishing in the world on the Little Red and White Rivers.

Our Event Profile and Sample Events


Our standard hunt / fishing trip follows a simple model – arrive Friday and depart Monday.  The format fits nicely within the constraints of a “4-Day Pass,” and allows Soldiers to preserve their leave days for other adventures.

Our sample menu of events:

  • Dove
  • Deer (Bow, Modern Gun and Muzzleloader)
  • Goose (Early Goose Season and Conservation Season)
  • Duck
  • Hog
  • Pheasant (combined with a duck or goose hunt - limited opportunities)
  • Trout Fishing (coming in Spring 2020)
  • Youth Hunt (Deer and Duck/Deer combo)

Lodging, meals, and all required equipment provided.


Arkansas Hunting Land Donated for DWS:

In February 2013, the Jubilee Foundation Inc., became the owner of 267 acres of NE Arkansas wetland duck hunting property.  In November 2015, Jubilee Foundation Inc. purchased another 242 acres of farm / moist soil property.  Both tracts of land were gifted for use to Darby's Warrior Support.  In honor of Francis Marion, one of America’s earliest combat rangers, and John Mosby, another early-American combat ranger, the properties have been named “Swamp Fox” and “Gray Ghost” respectively.


In 2015, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognized Darby’s Warrior Support’s efforts to serve the our current generation of veterans and dedicated a large tract of land for the exclusive use of the organization’s guests.  Documented on all USF and WS maps and products.

Throughout Arkansas, the wealthy have their private hunting places. After this generous donation, our Special Operations guests have their own place as well. Darby's Warrior Support now controls or has near-exclusive access to approximately 4,000 acres of prime hunting property which the organization will utilize to serve those who have bravely served our nation.  Our deepest gratitude goes out to the our committed board members, friends, donors, volunteers and patriotic helpers who have made this dream come true.

Rangers Lead The Way!

Many of the local Arkansas hunting retailers and outfitters have graciously donated their high quality goods and services. If you would like to donate hunting supplies, clothes, food, or money - please click below for more information.

How Can I Help


When we have our welcoming reception for the Rangers, Chick-Fil-A provides vittles for over 40 people for free. Next time you get your chicken biscuit, please thank them for us.


DWS thanks FowlQuest for donating mechanical decoys for our duck hunters to use. High quality decoys and waterfowl equipment are their speciality, and their support of the military is appreciated.


Yeti and Hays Judsonia donated 2 large Yeti Coolers for DWS use, plus Hays donated Robo Ducks and numerous other items.


A huge thank you to Echo Calls for donating professional duck calls for our warriors.


A special thank you to Winchester for supplying DWS with ammunition. We truly appreciate your support.


SG-20 is the best adhesive sealant to use for patching waders and even boats. DWS loves using it and thanks SG-20 for their support.

Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

  • "I am honored to provide Wounded Warrior duck hunts at our Swamp Bucks property. I have told the Soldiers that they are always welcome to come hunt with us anytime they can."

    - Doctor Rodgers (owner), Exclusive Arkansas Duck Camp
  • "The time I spent with you and your team enjoying their amazing unselfish hospitality and patriotic gratitude has made every moment I spent deployed and away from my family worthwhile and meaningful."

    LTC Bobby McCarthy

  • "This is an amazing organization. I want to help. Charge the Country Club of Little Rock event to my club bill."

    Leon Catlett

  • "Man, these Rangers are amazing! You're 76 years old. Who's gonna carry Darby's Warrior Support on into the future? I want to help."

    Stuttgart Lodge Owner

  • "I cannot be there to host the Rangers but my ranch manager will do it for me. The entire ranch is theirs for the weekend. They may each kill a trophy white-tail and any doe they want. Also, we will have dove hunting available, so please tell them to bring their shotguns."

    Scott, South Texas ranch owner

  • "Three years in a row Rangers have run the 26.2 mile Pensacola Marathon carrying 50 pound rucksacks in order to raise awareness and funds for Darby's Warrior Support. These are DWS alumni expressing their feedback about the value they place on participating in our program."

    Jim Daniel

Nature Heals

Join us in giving back to our elite warriors that have given so much to our nation. Your donation can help fund much-needed healing support through the camaraderie of world-class hunting excursions. Our organization exisits ONLY for the benefit of our fine soldiers.