Ranger Scholarship Fund honors 6 Ranger Family Members

Darby’s Warrior Support recently honored 6 Ranger Family members with scholarship money from the Ranger Scholarship Fund. DWS has donated $11,000 to this fund over the last couple years.

Darby’s Warrior Support offers scholarships and support to military members who return home from war zones and their families. “These service members and their families can face extreme challenges when they return home and try to step back into their lives, and those challenges are intensified when they have physical injuries that may make it difficult to find jobs”, Army Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Jim Daniel says.

Darby’s Warrior Support is interested in those who are motivated and capable of overcoming their injuries and are willing to work, along with a team of mentors, to achieve their life goals. If you know an individual or a family that you feel meets our criteria please Contact Us and tell us about them.

Darby’s Warrior Support’s Ranger Scholarship Fund is driven by your generous donations. Please visit our Donate Page to learn how you can help.