DWS 2014 Arkansas Duck Hunting Season

2014 was a great duck hunting season in Arkansas. COLD – almost too cold for travel and the ducks. However, with our volunteers, we were able to host groups each week at the Duck House and enjoy duck hunting on our new land – Swamp Fox.

Our guides, cooks, donations and volunteers make this event so special for our military men. We look forward to the next duck hunting season and giving back to our Rangers that give so much.

“We’ve survived the winter storm, and our Rangers had a great time killing over 100 ducks. The Rangers had a ball and were good shots, too.” (2014 DWS volunteer guide / host)

Here is just ONE example (they are all Heroes) – When this wounded Army Ranger arrived he was shy, withdrawn and quiet. After a couple of duck hunts, VETS tactical shooting and Ishie’s (dedicated volunteer) love & food— He became a new man!!! Please support our fund raising efforts so others can have the DWS experience.